Our Products

Our Herd

We depend on happy cattle with unrestricted access to the outdoors, free access to healthy pastures, and the same well water that we drink. Our cows are fed only grass from legume pasture, and farm produced hay. We have maintained a closed herd for many years, which means that all of our cattle, except for two young cows, were born and raised on our farm.

No artificial or additional hormones, ionophores, growth stimulants, or antibiotics are used. We do not vaccinate or use fly treatments or dewormers.

Our beef is naturally raised, grass fed and grass finished, free of all unnatural treatments, feed, or substances, and raised to organic standards.

Why do we call our beef 100% Grass Fed, and not Organic?

We follow the production requirements of the Canadian Organic Standard and all applicable production directives, but we have not yet applied for organic certification. Without this certification, it would be illegal to claim that our product is Organic.


Our beef is processed in a local, government-inspected abbatoir, and aged for 21 days or more.


Sides or quarters of beef are usually delivered free within an hour or so of our farm. Small lots usually need to be picked up at the farm, unless we happen to be going in your direction for some other reason. Delivery outside of the local area will be subject to a delivery charge, which will vary according to your distance from the farm.

Price and Availability

We have always tried to maintain our beef prices within reach of everyone, to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of eating grass-fed beef. For local customers, we are always happy to meet an order as small as a single pound of ground beef.

Since all of our cattle are fattened using only pasture, with no grain or grain by-product supplementation, we only have beef for sale from mid-summer into fall and very early winter. We sometimes have ground beef available in the winter and early spring, if it is not sold out in the fall.