Welcome to Inverlea Farm

Inverlea Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm in southern Bruce County, on the hill overlooking Lake Huron.

We raise natural, 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished Certified Naturally Grown Murray Grey beef on our forage based farm..

Our farm has been in continuous forage (grass) for 20 years, during which time no commercial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides have been applied to our fields.

Our delicious beef contains no artificial or additional hormones, ionophores, growth stimulants or antibiotics.

Linda & Doug Peebles - owners of Inverlea Farms

The Peebles family , Linda, Doug and our four children ( all now young adults, of which the three oldest have left the farm) have lived and farmed this property since 1990.

We raise natural, 100% grass fed Murray Grey beef on our forage based farm. Our cattle are never fed grains, soybeans, corn, corn silage or grain silage.

Committed to providing healthy, grass fed beef.

Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown is a US based organization which provides peer based certification to national organic standards, and which provides additional assurances that the food is produced on a local farm with direct community ties, that it is real food, from the soil, not from a factory and that the food does not come from a corporate conglomerate. We meaningfully and proudly use the word natural to describe the food produced on Certified Naturally Grown farms. You will see this seal on all our beef.

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Certified Naturally Grown